The Range

ILO Design Radiant Heating is available in a variety of types to suit any application: All heaters include at their heart ILO thin film heating elements, which allows slim design with fast, reliable efficient heating and maximises the radiant heat output.

ILO Diamant, ceramic, Crystal


Wall mounted stylish glass radiators, in a choice of 8 colour finishes. Stylish and ultra slim design with high efficiency. ILO Diamant, ceramic, Crystal radiators are available in three heights – 600, 1200 and 1800mm – with outputs up to 1100Watts. Models with standard built switch or wireless remote control. With the accessory drying rails, ILO Diamant, ceramic, Crystal radiators become towel dryers for a stylish bathroom solution.

ILO Granit


These stylish and sleek heaters incorporate a special heating medium which has the ability to store heat for a period of time after the power has switched off. Unlike traditional heaters that warm up, and then cool down in a continuous cycle, these radiators maintain a more or less constant temperature. The result is a much more even room temperature, improved comfort for the occupants and increased energy savings.

ILO Agate


Slim wall mounted panels incorporating the ILO film heating element for fast response. On the surface, we can print from a wide variety of designs, including pictures of nature, inspiration, landmarks, abstract and artworks. The heater becomes art and adds a personal touch to your home or office. More than 100 artworks are available to order. Please, contact us for a full catalogue.

ILO Sand

1_SAND ACCESSORIES Heated mats: ideal for spot heating, under desk or work station, these mats emit gentle radiant warmth. Heated mats are ideal on cold surfaces which would otherwise cause a chill to occupants. 2_OPAL DEMISTERS Available in a variety of sizes, a self-adhesive film is used to apply the heating film to the back of a mirror. When connected mirrors in humid areas are kept clear and mist free.
  • Radiant heating is highly energy efficient and therefore cheap to operate.
  • High comfort levels – the natural form of heat for humans.
  • Elegant decorative heating solutions which become part of your furniture.
  • A wide choice of designs allowing your personal style to be reflected in your choice of heater.
  • Silent, no moving parts such as pumps or fans.
  • Little air movement unlike convection systems so no dust circulation.
  • Hygienic, clean and discrete.
  • Simple to install and once installed there is no maintenance.
  • Long system life due to no moving parts.
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